If you’ve seen Jersey Shore, you’ll know exactly who 'JWoww' is. If you haven’t you’ve probably got the image of an American rap artist with cornrows, wearing ridiculously baggy trousers and loosely rhyming about issues such as women, the local police and his indescribably oppressed past.

Well, for all you who don’t know who 'JWoww' is, this is she:

It’s at this point that we’re going to stop referring to her as 'JWoww' and start using her more normal name, Jenni Farley. Jenni stars in that there Jersey Shore show over in the States, and she also goes out in Atlantic City for Halloween dressed as a schoolgirl. A very hot schoolgirl.

Don’t feel bad, she’s 23. We got on our high horse a little bit about Halloween costumes last week, but this one we like. A lot. To be fair, she didn’t look too shabby when she wasn’t dressed up to go trick or treating either:

Apparently they were all having a Very Jersey Halloween. Seriously, are we missing something or does that title have absolutely no ring to it whatsoever? We’re probably missing something, we often do. Like those pesky clocks. They went back an hour, and we could have woken up in a haze thinking it was 2am when it was actually back to 1am. Panic would have ensued as we realised we had the chance to relive a whole hour of our lives again. But what did we do with our second chance? The same as most people, slept through it just like we had the first time.

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