Okay, so she’s not marauding around the broccoli aisles topless, but here are some pictures of Kara Tointon’s splendid breasts as she is face (and splendid breasts) of a new George For Asda underwear campaign.

We’re glad to say good old Kara is bringing a splash of glamour to the Sunday shop with this photoshoot. Lovely Kara has kindly hung up her sequinned lurex for a little bit and taken a break from gliding around the ballroom with that man who’s name we don’t mention. That’s what you call charity.

Supermarket shopping just got easier

Miss Tointon has done spectacularly well out of this dancing business. I think it helps that she is eye-wateringly hot. Not everyone from Strictly lands their own modelling contract. God forbid Anne Widdecombe fronts the next campaign.

The bras are plunge T-shirt bras for your information, which are the ones that are soft against your cheek not scratchy. Yes admittedly, they are a little dull, but when you buy an ice-cream you don’t spend all day looking at the cone. So while we wistfully stroll the aisles putting things we know we will never cook in our baskets we’ll have something to look at.

Supermarkets are awful places full of sin and temptation. There might as well be incredibly hot topless women we can’t sleep with walking around when there is a hot deli counter. Beyond the deli counter, the supermarket is moribund. It’s not really stealing to stuff 8 chicken wings in your face then tuck greasy evidence in the frozen food section…is it?