Surprisingly, we are rather fond of Loose Women. That's the daytime TV programme we're talking about, not females of low virtue, heaven forbid. We think it's amusingly refreshing to have a show where female chauvinism is displayed in all its glory. These are women unafraid to talk about sex and never mince their words. The saucy minxes. Even if those doing the majority of talking include Carol McGiffin and Denise Welch, it still gives a fascinating insight into the workings of the female mind, and, more importantly, anatomy. Don't bother playing the new Halo game or trying to decipher, for the fiftieth time, if Bubbles is actually speaking English in The Wire. Just watch Loose Women, and most of your anxieties will be solved.

So, Kara Tointon appeared on this (as we have already established) fantastic show yesterday, ridding of her nice-girl image in a low-cut, sleveless leather jacket, studded boots and belt, and tight jeans. It's a shame she didn't have a barbed wire tattoo enveloping her left arm, because that would have completed the new image entirely. Fresh off another week of Strictly Come Dancing, where she is the bookies' favourite to win, she talked about a possibility of a romance with her dancing partner. Which we didn't like. So we chose to dismiss it as a typical publicity-seeking media-hype comment aimed at reeling in more viewers. Tell us that's what it is. Please. Otherwise I don't think we could go on.