4 amazingly hot girls that should have been on your radar this month

Posted by , 31 January 2014

Karrueche Tran

Karrueche Tran

She may make 99.9% of her headlines from being in a past love triangle with Chris Brown and Rihanna, but who really is Karrueche Tran?

Well, for one thing, she's a model. And from the looks of her Instagram, she's pretty bloody good at it.

She may be dressed as a Geisha, but the 25-year-old American is actually of Vietnamese descent. Which clears up why we have no idea how to pronounce her name.

Oh, and her Tumblr also tells us how much she bloody loves a bit of grub.

She really does...

We're guessing that's why her Tumblr is called "Karrueche Is Fat". It's also called "I Love Period", but we're just going to gloss over that.

To address the elephant in the room, yes, she is going out with Chris Brown, and they posted this photo over New Year's that made everyone feel a bit sick.

They originally dated from 2010-2012 before Chris got back together with Rihanna. To the surprise of absolutely no one, that relationship came to an end in May 2013, and Chris and Karrueche got back together.

But we're not here to pass judgment. We're here to show you how hot Karrueche actually is.

Chris could be forgiven for seemingly bouncing between the two. If he wasn't a bit on an odious bellend.

Back to not passing judgment...

Karrueche is well on her way to making herself into somewhat of a brand. She posts an average of five Instagrams a day to her 970K followers and tweets even more to 363K. Even though most of those tweets are links from her Instagram, which people never open because it's a bit of an effort. But still. You've got to admire her for it.

We reckon that, once all the noise surrounding her love life has ended, she could be well on her way to becoming one of those internet-famous hotties like Melanie Iglesias.

Until then, let's all just focus on how much she definitely doesn't look like Rihanna here...

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