Age: 27
Born: Sydney, Australia
As Seen In: Pacha, New York; Blue Marlin, Ibiza; Guess Jeans; Jazz bands
On a sunny afternoon atop a Brick Lane roof terrace in east London, FHM is reclining in a Jacuzzi with a bikini-clad Kate Elsworth. The 27-year-old Aussie model, singer and DJ is one half of Little Yellow Dance Machine, a dancefloor bothering duo formed with New York DJ Exacta, and she’s talking about karaoke.
“What’s that song?” she asks, “that goes: ‘I see a little silhouette of a man, Scaramouche!’ That’s my karaoke song. It’s quite long but I pull out the ‘running man’ in a few of the breaks. my ‘running man’ isn’t bad. It’s got the three-point- turn and the spirit fingers...”
The what now?
“You know – I forget the movie – it has those guys dancing and wagging their fingers.” (Cue jazz-hands.)
Kate Elsworth in a red and white bikini and a jacuzzi
Kate - good at jazz hands and good at bikinis
It was skills like these that led to LYDm’s formation in 2009. “It just kind of worked straightaway,” she says. “We were just vibing, fusing house music with my jazz background, and ended up coming out with our first song.”
That was Empty Spaces, on which Elsworth sounds dangerously sexy. It earned the duo a sell out show at Pacha in NYC and has them flying to Ibiza this summer. For Elsworth, who moved to London aged 19, sung in jazz bands, wrote songs for Emma Bunton and supported herself modelling for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Guess, this is the dream.
“DJing just works for me,” she says. “In a band I’d get up on stage, sing my songs, then get off. Now I can be a part of the night. I’ve spent enough time being the groupie in front of the DJ box. I just thought, "fuck that, I want to learn how to do it’.”
And look at her now. Just look at her.
Kate Elsworth in red and white striped bikini
Little Yellow Dance Machine will be touring Europe this summer