We like classy women here at FHM. And it doesn't get much posher than Prince William's lady-in-waiting (probably), Kate Middleton. Radiating style, elegance, beauty and a ridiculous amount of money, is there a mother in the country that wouldn't be overjoyed at seeing her son alongside such a consummate lady? Diana would have been proud. Sniff, sniff. Well, much as we'd like, we can't dwell on past tragedies. We're a forward-looking bunch here, which is why we are proud to be the first to announce the upcoming nuptials between our future king and queen. They haven't told us this information, but our powers of precognition are rarely wrong. In fact, our foresight is greater than all those Minority Report freaks put together. So, heed the word.


This is the first time she's made a public appearance in 104 days, apparently. Well, considering the last time we didn't go out for that long we emerged looking like Worzel Gummidge, and, like the poor Chilean miners, had to wear sunglasses for the next fortnight, she looks considerably well. She made the rare outing for the wedding of showjumping legend Harry Meade and Rosie Bradford, and Wills was in tow looking rather worried as three of his former squeezes were also present. Unfortunately, we can't report that there was a violent catfight which resulted in Kate's attire being reduced to tatters as she valiantly fought each of them one by one. But we imagined there was. And we can't even show you a picture of her in scant clothing to perpetuate this vile myth. No, Kate's one girl who we're pretty sure won't ever succumb to the temptation of a Playboy shoot. Unless Prince Philip bumped off old Hef and then re-named it Saucy Sovereigns. Oh, Camilla.