Kate Moss looked glamorous at the London launch of Bryan Ferry’s new album Olympia last night. Well, she looked as glamorous as it’s possible to look when you’re a formerly massive wreckhead whose nose is a bit wonkier than it used to be and who nobody can look at without knowing that she used to suck off Pete Doherty. But she still looked good, dressed head-to-toe in black and what looks like (but probably isn't) the fur of a really cuddly, long-haired animal over her shoulders.

Bryan Ferry, who attended the launch with girlfriend, Amanda Sheppard – 36 (36!) years his junior – explained his inspiration: “Kate has long been the femme fatale of our age, as controversial as she is beautiful and the most glamorous female icon since Marilyn Monroe. Olympia was a kind of early pin-up picture and in a sense a forerunner of some 20th century pop art, which I feel strongly connected to.” Luckily, everyone was totally cool about them getting the picture upside down.

 Kate Moss on the cover of Bryan Ferry's new album, Olympia

Kate Moss has got style. It takes a heavyweight supermodel to bounce back from pictures of alleged snortings to make even more money than she used to (no idea if that’s accurate or not). It’s a bit like Wayne Rooney. He's misbehaved a bit, and now Manchester City want to give him £300,000 a week just to piss off Man United fans. Jackpot.

Kate Moss at Bryan Ferry album launch