Words: Rob Morris

Regardless of whether or not you’ve already earned millions of pounds to pout intensely into a camera lens, it’s always nice to receive an award. A big pat on the back for looking brilliant. Yesterday, Vogue announced their pick of the 10 most stylish women in 2010. At the same time they gave Croydon’s very own Kate Moss the Best Dressed of the Decade award.

As part of the awards dished out today, Vogue included imaginative titles for the 10 lucky winners. Blake Lively was named The Bombshell, Alexa Chung Street Cool and Louis Walsh The Baby-faced Beauty. We made the last one up.

Moss’s award is not the first compliment paid towards the leggy blond. Back in 2008, a gold statue of the supermodel was made as part of a British Museum exhibition. It reportedly cost an estimated £1.5million to commission. But, right, the 36-year-old is certainly worth far more than her weight in gold. See what we did there? Puns are fun.

Renowned for her high-profile relationships, party lifestyle and wonderful face, Mossy is sure to be delighted with the news that Vogue thinks she looks fantastic in pretty much anything. She’d probably look good in a bin bag, a fashion statement that would probably lead to an army of women across the globe imitating Miss Moss and running riot. Sounds like the beginning of a plotline for Doctor Who. It would definitely make a far sexier alternative to the Daleks. Instead of “exterminate” the Moss army could chant “get the London look”. It’s a work in progress.