This is a tragic day. An hour's silence wouldn't even do justice to a catastrophe of this magnitude. Take a deep breath. Make a wish..."Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination". Not amusing, at all. In fact, a completely inappropriate time to think of Willy Wonka. Though come to think of it, is there ever an appropriate one? Right, we hope you're sitting in a cosy armchair and have made yourself a strong brew before we impart this information.

Damn those pesky pictures, always getting in the way of the really important stuff. Anyway, we'll no longer hold you in suspense. Or shall we? Fancy another picture? Well, you're not going to get one, yet. Kate Moss is hanging up her proverbial hat and finishing her four-year, stratospherically successful collaberation with Topshop. Da da! We know, a slight anti-climax. Shouldn't have built it up so much with such brilliant prose. Anyway, that's it. Oh, and she wore this nice, sparkly black thing at the launch party last night at Topshop's flagship store in Oxford Circus.

Here she is in one of the pieces in the new, Seventies-inspired collection. It was a bad time, the Seventies. What with the miner's strikes and all that woeful poverty it was a period of unprecedented hardship. Which must be why most women could only afford to wear a rug stolen from the Kilburn market. 

For those who were slightly better-heeled, this dress may have had some resemblance to what people in that timewarp also may have worn. Now, go forth and purchase one, for the collection is out today. It's the perfect Thanksgiving gift (we've got that here now, don't we?) for that bohemian girlfriend, in-denial parent, or amnesia-suffering grandparent who never stops banging on about how much Ted Heath is ruining Great Britain. Well you voted him in, love.