We’ve never actually bought anything from Kate Moss’s Topshop collection, but we sure as hell agree with it existing. Just for the record, there are very few things on earth we disagree with existing. Even super dumb stuff like the BNP serve a purpose, even if it’s in a What Not To Do kind of way that involves a lot of pointing and laughing. Those guys are arseholes so you don’t have to be. See: handy. The only exception is wasps. What’s the bloody point? Bees, sure. Bees are amazing. They buzz around pollinating flowers to help the world reproduce itself, and they make honey. All. Good. Things. But wasps: no thanks, God. You mentalist. Wasps are rubbish. Wasps and genocide. Wasps and genocide and famine. Wasps and genocide and famine and massive natural disasters. So here’s a picture from Kate Moss’s last ever Topshop collection.

It’s the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection and Moss’s 14th in four years. That sounds like a lot. Is that a lot? Sounds like a lot. Maybe it’s not a lot? Sure sounds like a lot. Okay then. Here is more:

So what’ll Kate Moss be doing now that she’s done her last ever Topshop collection? That’s the question we can hear you asking. Truth be told we have absolutely no idea. Do some more modelling for someone else, we expect. Look remarkably good in photographs despite her fairly unhealthy lifestyle, most probably. Remain the best model on the planet without even trying, is the answer.