David Yurman's marketing team are either very clever or remarkably stupid. The American jewellers, on getting Kate Moss to model for them, could've got her to do any untold number of different poses that would complement the jewellery they were hoping to flog. Instead, someone decided it would be wise to show her topless in a body of water, with one breast defiantly taking centre stage in the shot. It was only after looking at it for nigh on 20 minutes that our gaze moved elsewhere, first to those bewitching eyes, then to her perfectly rounded shoulders and seductive clavicle, and then... hey. Wait a minute. She's got a ring on. Presumably, this is the item they're selling. We're not entirely sure. They could just be advertising the fact that Kate's got a nice breast (we can't see the other one, so excuse us for reserving our judgement).

At least in this one there's more purchaseable goods on display, though unfortunately less of Kate's goods. But then it hits us. These Yurman people are clever. We've fell for it hook, line, and sinker. You and we both know that the sole purpose of this article was to draw attention to the fact that Kate Moss has shown one half of her mammary glands, right? Now, as a by-product of this we've given their little trinkets free advertising. Mugs. Oh, well. What can we say? We've done it before and we'll do it again. We're just a bunch of suckers for a good boob.