By virtue of working at FHM, we get asked to do some pretty weird stuff during the course of our day jobs. For example, it’s not uncommon for us to find ourselves upside down in a fighter plane, nursing a gargantuan hangover, trying to remain professional and conduct an insightful interview. On any given Tuesday, we could be clad head-to-toe in unflattering lycra, undertaking the full experience of a Cindy Crawford fitness video. Once, we skinned a squirrel. Literally ripped the furry outside bit right off him. We christened him Simon. He’s sitting on a nearby desk right now. He’s doing well. He says hi.

But one thing we’ve never been asked to do is sell lipstick. To be honest, we wouldn't really know where to start.

Simon the squirrel ain't never coming back

Lipstick-flogging extraordinaires Rimmel, on the other hand - they know exactly what they're doing. When their science-bods come out with a new lipstick that's so red it makes the old one look, well, we dunno, a bit less red(???), the marketing bods spring into action.

"What we need here is Kate Moss, not a lot of clothes, some CCTV-looking footage that makes the whole thing look a bit naughty and covert, and a FUCKING HELICOPTER."

"That sounds mustard, but we need something that really connects with the kids, too."

"How about a band? Kids like music, right?"

"Yeah, cracking idea. Great shout. Let's get a band that are really cool who all the kids like."

Sadly, none were available, so they got The Vaccines.