Kate Moss just keeps on going, busting out glamorous photo shoots like other women her age (36) bust out visits to Whole Foods stores in the hope that if they eat enough organic vegetables with enough beneficial phytochemicals in they’ll somehow manage to give wrinkles the runaround. No, no, no. To look like Kate Moss at over 13,000 days old, you need Photoshop. Preferably, Photoshop CS3.

Kate Moss on a bed for Valisere lingerie

Because this - as anyone whose seen pictures of Kate Moss sitting on a boat in Thailand / St Tropez / Sicily sinking gin and tonics, smoking Marlboro Lights and rubbing suncream on her pot belly will testify - is not really what Kate Moss looks like these days. It’s what she used to look like, before, you know, the cocaine scandal and that period when the person she spent most of her time going food shopping with was Pete Doherty. But that’s not to say that Kate Moss has lost it. That’s bonkers. She’s just older. And, lest we forget, there’s that 18-carat-gold, ‘modern-day Aphrodite' statue of the model in the British Museum.

Kate Moss wearing a black bra and posing on a chair

The pictures, for Brazilian lingerie label Valisere, have a very French feel, but it’s the good bits of ‘French’: the red lacy underwear, Brigitte Bardot hair, smoky eyeliner and unmistakable whiff of cheese and riots. Cor. Love that stuff. And there’s nothing better than having a French girl do a little French tut at one of your shit English jokes. Nothing. Okay, maybe ham and cheese croissants that are actually made, purchased and consumed in France. SO GOOD.

Kate Moss posing sexily in red lingerie