We’re not normally a big one for ‘fashion weeks’. For us, champions of creased T-shirts and jeans that have just about passed the sniff-test, fashion weeks are of about as much interest as the right to privacy is to the dear old News of the World RIP. But, when Kate Upton’s involved, we’re happy to make an exception.

In fact, we'd have quite happily been one of those smug twats wearing sunglasses INSIDE, perched on the front row with one leg crossed across the other and our hands resting on our lap, even though that's not really a very comfortable way to sit, just to give us the best possible view of the lovely Kate Upton striding up and down the catwalk.

 Kate Upton Beach Bunny catwalk
Sunglasses off at this point

Last week, Kate Upton did her bouncy thing during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for manufacturer of swimwear for rabbits, Beach Bunny.

You'll notice that the above video contains footage of girls other than Kate Upton. We make no apology for this.

Complaining about other gorgeous ladies strolling up and down the catwalk because you only wanted to look at Kate Upton is a bit like walking into a generously stocked confectioners and throwing a wobbly because there's sweets in there other than your favourite Rhubarb & Custards. Or crying when you open a box of Cadbury's Heroes because it's not all just the Fudge ones.

Kate Upton Beach Bunny catwalk
"There's nothing heroic about this, Fudge" you wail

So, yeah. Watch the video. Enjoy the video. Savour Kate Upton, sure. But also take time to appreciate the other gorgeous women doing their bit on the catwalk. On the catwalk, yeah, you know what we mean. Yeah, they do their little turn on the catwalk. On the catwalk, yeah, they do their little turn on the catwalk...