Coming in at number 23 on this year’s FHM 100 Sexiest list is the absolutely marvellous woman that is Kate Upton.

And as a brand new entry on the list, she has done, it appears, a celebratory dance on the internets, combining guile and panache with some of the simplest, yet most beautiful dance moves we've seen in a long while, all to the tune of The Rej3ctz’s Cat Daddy.

Set against the backdrop of some of the worst wallpaper of all time, the video has already been banned by YouTube, which basically means that everyone goes that extra mile to upload it all again.

It’s not the first time Kate’s been the centre of attention for her moves, having stolen our hearts with the Dougie dance last year.


We can’t really work out if she’s actually any good at dancing but when you look like that, does it really matter?

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