Kate Upton is magic. She’s managed to reach the absolute epitome of girl next door while brushing against the heady heights of supermodel status without becoming unattainable, which is the key to her appeal, we reckon. 

Also breasts. She has absolutely fantastic breasts. They are another key to her appeal.

Also a lovely face. But, y'know, breasts

Bikini.com interviewed her at her recent Beach Bunny fashion show, but more importantly they got an awful lot of footage of her walking up and down the runway in bikinis, which is why we’re here telling you about it now.

We’re not sure if Beach Bunny bikinis aren’t especially good at supporting breasts, but Kate’s wobbling about like no-one’s business up there. Of course, that’s mainly due to her 33D assets and her strong, defiant gait, but really. That’s almost unfair. 

Not that we’re complaining, or anything, but we were planning to walk over to the kitchen and get a cup of coffee, and now we have to sit quietly and calm down before we attempt to stand up.

We had to think about Anne Widdecombe until it passed

But enough about our erections! That’s not why you’re here (although, if that is why you’re here, why not get in touch in the comments, we’re not doing much this evening). Bikini.com is, much as you’d imagine, a website about bikinis. They’ve got that right there in the name. 

If you’re not busy today (and you don’t have an immediate, pressing need to make coffee in a crowded office without tactically carrying copies of FHM at around waist-height*) then why not check out their site? It’s got lots of women you’ve never heard of looking really damn good in bikinis, and at the end of the day, that’s what’s really important in this world.

* This only really works in our office because we write the magazine. In any other office, holding a copy of FHM over your crotch and awkwardly excusing yourself for five minutes is probably going to make things worse