Lovely busty Kate Upton is messing about on the farm in this video and photoshoot for Complex magazine. Of course, she looks sexy as all hell. We’d expect nothing less from her.

Kate Upton, you’ll note, is on a farm. We haven’t been on a farm for years, unless you count the time that we were on holiday in Cornwall and braved some free-range (and, frankly, aggressive) hens to buy some milk from a farm shop. We think one of them might have had a knife. We were running pretty fast, so we can’t be sure.

We’re firmly of the belief that cities are far better than the countryside – you can’t get a decent coffee anywhere, the sushi is terrible, the transport system is abysmal and the strip clubs consist of one woman dancing around in the rear car park of the one pub within three miles.

Kate Upton on the farm
Those heels are a poor choice for farm work, we feel

Plus one time a pig bit our hand when we were feeding it on a school trip, which in no way ruined the countryside for us forever. No way.

Kate Upton is presumably on some sort of magical American farm, however, where the fridge is full of drinkable light beer*, succulent ribs are sizzling away on the wood-fired barbeque, and lingerie models milk cows looking as though they’re shocked to be discovered by a photographer at this, the most intimate of moments.

If you’d like to see some more shots of Kate looking shocked and/or sultry down on the farm, then check the Complex website for extra pics and an interview. Nice!

*Something of an oxymoron