.Like in that song Julie Andrews sang to calm down those Austrian kids during the Nazi invasion, here are a few of our favourite things. 1) American sexpot Kate Upton, 2) Bikinis, 3) Twitter, and 4) a cool drink on a hot day.

What’s that? There’s a recent development that combines all three? Great! This is the rough equivalent of Julie Andrews finding a handful of moist raindrops and two fully-whiskered kittens inside a brass kettle tied up in brown paper and string.

Although we assume there were air holes in the packaging to let the kittens breath. Julie Andrews does definitely not like dead kittens, and that’s a FACT.

Kate Upton swimming some juice for SoBe
It's probably a fact. Julie Andrews probably doesn't advocate kitten death. FACT

What? Kate Upton? Oh, yeah, sure – Kate has recently been hired by makers of funny-tasting water SoBe (short for South Beach) to promote their latest ad campaign known as “Try Anything.” Presumably on account of all their weird flavours, they’re trying to generate a Pokémon-style “gotta catch ‘em all” mindset. 

The SoBe website has some fun examples of things that you could try, like “kissing the office hottie” or “getting a tattoo.” Fair enough. Have a go if you fancy it, it’s a fun way of killing ten minutes.

Kate, because she loves us, tweeted a picture of herself drinking some of that presumably delicious-but-kind-of-odd-tasting water, whilst – of course – wearing a bikini. Although she could have been wearing a bin bag for all we care, she’d still look fantastic.

Presumably there’ll also be a video of her enjoying the water in a promotional capacity, and when we get hold of it, you’ll be the first to know.