Gosh, Kate Upton’s very popular at the moment, isn’t she? Even with her busy schedule of lingerie modelling for Guess, appearing in Sports Illustrated and posting pictures on Twitter, she managed to squeeze in some relaxation time by going to a basketball game. But because she’s Kate Bloody Upton, she never stops being gorgeous. Never ever.

Here she is, captured by a friend of hers on cameraphone, doing a dance called “The Dougie.” Her friend keeps getting in the way, but it’s worth watching because this gives you an inkling of how ridiculously cute Kate is even on her days off

We believe that we may have just got told

“The Dougie,” by the way, is a form of Hip-hop funk street-dance made popular by a band called California Swag District. They sound like they pulled their name out of a hat. Anyway, their song Teach Me How to Dougie is all about how much girls love to watch them dance the Dougie and subsequently have sex with them.

Disappointingly, it contains almost no actual advice on how to Dougie. The line “put your arms out front, lean side to side” is about all we can work out. We tried doing it and ended up looking like the worst parts of Thriller and Rollinroughly sellotaped together. The rest of it seems to be about, again, having sex with women. Oh, and “smoking trees.” And getting hold of a “redbone.” 

These stills aren't great, we're the first to admit that. Watch the video, trust us

Sounds like a dog chew to us.

If Kate doesn’t provide quite enough instruction for you, then by all means watch California Swag District themselves perform the Dougie and take you through a step-by-step guide of how to effectively dance it. Well, it’s more like three quarters of California Swag District, to be honest. The guy on the far right clearly hasn’t got a fucking clue.