Remember a few weeks ago we had all that hoopla about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? We had stories about women in bikinis being in Sports Illustrated. News about them wearing sexy dresses to promote the fact they were in bikinis and in Sports Illustrated. Going to big parties to promote the fact they were in Sports Illustrated. Even videos of them being in Sports bloody Illustrated.

With all that coverage, you’d think we’d exhausted that whole topic. But no. We missed something. Something tall. Something blonde. Something leggy. And chesty. Something called Kate. And Upton. Yes, we missed tall, blonde, leggy, chesty Kate Upton.

"Yeah, I'm Kate Upton. What of it?"

She’s an 18-year-old model from Florida who, in case you hadn’t guessed, was also in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Let’s make a brief little segue.

Twitter, right. Rumours circulated recently suggesting that Google or Facebook might buy Twitter for the measly sum of $10 billion. That seems a bit steep just so you can find out what Steve Brookstein had for breakfast in 140 tragically wasted characters.

But maybe Twitter is quite valuable. Yeah, yeah, it's been instumental in organising political uprisings and all that, but it's also become a place where celebrities post pictures of themselves. Like this:

Hand was always photo-bombing

And this:

Sometimes you've just GOT to show the world you're eating catfood

In fact, now we come to think of it, Twitter is pretty great. Without it, we wouldn't have these lovely pictures of Kate Upton. Which means we wouldn't have written this story. And you wouldn't have read it. Because it wouldn't have existed. Which, if you think about it really hard, hold your breath and tilt your head to the side a bit, blink 100 times as fast as you can, and then kind of just think about something else entirely, means a dove might have died if Twitter didn't exist. Dove theory and all that. Wait, it's butterfly effect, isn't it? Same diff, yeah.

You looking at a picture of two models in their underwear just saved a dove - well done