Do you reckon you’ve got what it takes to beat Kate Upton in a staring contest? When she’s wearing a bikini? A bikini barely concealing the very breasts she is using to distract you? No. Probably not. Few red-blooded men can, really.

We decided we’d try, anyway. The video is from the good people at SoBe, makers of Water With Tasty Stuff In, as part of their campaign to encourage us to Try Everything. It forms part of a game on their website with some sort of shifting barrier at roughly tit-height that you have to keep your mouse above, else fail and incur the wrath of Upton. 

Kate Upton for a SoBe staring match
Also they throw you in a pool for reasons unexplained

We tried playing it, but our PC is tired and old (and we’re running so much stuff) so it failed us before we’d even started. The same thing happened when we were trying to get Rosie Jones to take her top off in Duke Nudem. We’re considering buying a specialised gaming PC just so we can see her nipples. Perhaps we need help.

With the advent of this video, though, we prepared to play for real. Could we go for 45 seconds without staring at Kate Upton’s breasts, even though she was coquettishly squeezing them together and running her fingers through her hair?

Kate Upton for SoBe
And actually blinking a fair amount, which we're sure is cheating

We psyched ourselves up. Following a run up some steps, a cold shower, and a heartening cup of bovril, we braced ourselves for the challenge. Here’s a blow-by-blow account:  

00.01 Can we do this?
00.02 No.
00.03 – 00.45 Stare unashamedly at Kate Upton’s fantastic breasts.