Kate Winslet's not someone typically regarded as a major sex symbol (is there an alternative term for sex symbol that doesn't make you sound like a 1980s edition of Just 17?). She's made a career out of being an extremely good actress, possibly the best of her generation, rather than just being exceptionally attractive, like Jennifer Lopez or someone. But, without in any way wanting to denigrate her acting achievements, she looks bloody amazing right now, at the age of nearly 35. Look at her at a party in Spain last night.

Kate Winslet looking hot in a black dress

That's not how Kate Winslet usually looks. She usually looks pretty in an English rosey sort of way; quite wholesome and like someone who might run a lovely bookshop in a BBC Sunday night drama about a lovely woman who runs a lovely bookshop somewhere in the Cotswolds. Here, she looks hot, like the the lead in a Channel 4 drama about a sexy woman who has lots of sex, probably shot in a shaky camera style for extra seriousness. Well done, Kate Winslet.

Kate Winslet looking hot

Kate Winslet recently split up with her husband, the Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes. That was sad because they both seemed really nice and it's nice when nice people seem happy together. But, y'know, people get divorced, it happens, and often people feel better afterwards. We have absolutely no idea where we were planning to end this particular paragraph, so we'll just show you another image of Kate Winslet looking terrific and let you go on with your day. Bye.

Kate Winslet Close-up