Those of you used to seeing Katherine Heigl dressing a horrific wound on Grey’s Anatomy or as a rom-com floozy are in for quite a shock. In her upcoming movie One for the Money, Heigl stars as a kick-ass bounty hunter, disposing of her nice-girl image in kamikaze fashion. Her co-star, John Leguizamo, who plays a boxing manager, is not the only one surprised by her transformation, commenting, “She beats me up! She beats up some other dude. She beats up her love interest. She beats everybody up.” It seems that all that cringe-worthy dialogue she’s been forced to endure has finally gotten the better of her and she’s finally lost the plot. Oh, what we’d only do to take a beating from Kate. At anytime of the day, and on any, but preferably every, part of the body.

She now enters the running to eclipse those other thuggish babes Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider), Uma Thurman (Kill Bill), and, er, Keira Knightley (Domino, anyone?) as women whose physical assets are second to their athletic prowess and sociopathic worldview. Still, we’re sure there won’t be a shortage of close-ups involving water and skin-tight clothing, as well as a token semi-nude scene where she has to have it off with some fat bloke to extract vital information. Do us proud, Katherine. Take out every single scumbag in your path. And get rid of that husband of yours while you’re at it. He’s only with you because of your intellect.