Katherine Jenkins wore a somewhat strikingly coloured dress to the Night of Heroes awards yesterday, one rather at odds with the neutral formality of the institution to whom was being paid tribute. Our good friends at The Sun puts together this particular awards ceremony every year to recognise acts of courage and fortitude in the face of the enemy. It’s akin to a German being given the Iron Cross.

The usual fanfare of celebrities rolled in, hoping to demonstrate their very public support of our Armed Forces, and so they jolly well should. If it weren’t for the ongoing struggle against international terrorism, we’d probably all be in a terrorist training camp by now. We bagsy the bazooka.

Katherine in full combat regalia

Back to the lovely Katherine Jenkins. She’s actually pulling her weight in the war effort, having travelled to Iraq to entertain the troops in 2005 and 2006. Though she didn’t sing, so the entertainment must’ve taken some other form. As a morale booster, Katherine proved invaluable to our troops, some of whom don’t see a female face for up to nine months. It's enough to render even a monk insane.

This is where our bit in the war effort comes in. You may have thought that the FHM calendar is made to showcase the talents of twelve ladies of our choosing. Well, you’re wrong. Our calendar is constructed for the main purpose of getting our heroic soldiers through their postings, keeping the fire within them alive, and engendering them with the spirit of hopeful lust. You thought we were a flippant distraction. But, in reality, we’re a ‘key cog’ (thanks, Jamie from The Apprentice) in the whole machine.