She a good soul, our lovely, Welsh, Katherine Jenkins. Out of the kindness of her heart, and probably because, deep down, she has a crush on Alan Sugar (don't we all, though?), she's decided to let the candidates of next year's 'The Apprentice' series use her £4.7 million mansion in South-West London as a base for their scheming deals and annoying behaviour. Well, she's not actually giving it to them for free, no. What would be the point in that? She'll earn about £50,000 in rent for the two months in which her humble abode will be used. Not bad for doing nowt. We're definitely in the wrong profession here. 

This was Katherine at the Ryder Cup 'Welcome to Wales Celebration Concert' last month, in the middle of some of aria of some opera which none of us would've ever heard of. In fact, she was the main attraction at the concert, because, let's be honest, there isn't much to welcome you to Wales at any time of year, let alone Winter. Unless you've a particular proclivity towards mountaineering. Although on second thoughts, Scotland's better for that.

And she's singing again. This time in a Cinderella-style dress. If we had to hazard a startlingly ignorant guess, we'd say this could be Swan Lake. Wait. That's a ballet, isn't it? Don't they sing in ballets? We don't know, and what's more, don't care. Well, we would like to know a bit more about the finer things in life, but due to societal elitism, refined culture is largely unaffordable to us. 150 quid for a ticket to the ballet? We like dancing women, don't get us wrong, but you could go to Stringfellow's and see a similar thing for that sort of money. And the experience would be more interactive.