Could the human mind imagine a better way to kick off a major golfing event held in Wales than to have the country’s finest export, Katherine Jenkins, 30,  performing  a strange singing/dancing/flying routine and being dressed in a nice black dress at the Millenium Stadium? We don''t think so.

Katherine helped kick off the tournament, which takes place in Celtic Manor Resort, Newport (that’s in Wales, if you hadn’t gathered already) with fellow famous Welshies Catherine Zeta-Jones and Dame Shirley Bassey, by singing a few of her favourite traditional Welsh hymns which we can't pronounce the titles of.

She also performed a dance which we’re pretty sure is not actually part of Welsh tradition. At least we hope not, as it involved her flying through the air suspended on a piece of cloth, getting chucked around by a topless, chubby, Chinese fella resembling a young version of legendary Bond villain OddJob, and showing off her cleavage and knickers. But we do hope the golfers and their WAGs in attendance appreciated it every bit as much as we did.

After that she got changed into a lovely black dress and spoke to the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles. We’re not sure what it was they were talking about, but it was probably Wales. Or, less likely but still possibly, whales. If you’re thinking that you’ve heard the word ‘Wales’ far too much, we agree, so we’ll stop saying it. For anyone that's interested, the Ryder Cup kicks off on October 1 in Newport, in that other country in Britain that's not England, Scotland or Ireland.