And then she put on a different one. We don’t actually have any pictures of the part in between when she was wearing no dress whatsoever. Sorry, Katherine Jenkins fans.

It was the Classic BRIT awards last night, which means opera. Lots and lots of opera. We just can’t get enough opera, you know. All those pointy hats and pigtail wigs, and all that incomprehensible singing. And the people who go to it, too, they’re just our sort of people. Definitely.

Katherine Jenkins at the Classic BRIT Awards 2011
We even have special opera trousers and everything

We definitely know ALL ABOUT opera and we’re not just in this for Katherine Jenkins.

We’re kidding. We don’t think we could fake a conversation about opera, or even “classical singing,” for more than about five minutes. Less if the other person actually expects us to have an opinion and isn’t alright with us just going “Mm” every few seconds and nodding thoughtfully. You know, the same conversational techniques you use with your average Glaswegian.

But lucky for us, Katherine Jenkins was there. Lovely Katherine Jenkins who presumably sings things. We’re sure of it. We’ve definitely not just been watching her with the sound off all these years, no sir. She kept changing dresses, too, as you can see in the pictures we’ve got placed delicately around this article. We're not sure why.

Katherine Jenkins at the Classic BRIT Awards 2011

We like Katherine. She looks like the sort of girl who wouldn’t mind helping you carry a picnic basket somewhere nice, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what’s really important in a woman? Also, yeah, she’s really attractive. We guess that factors in too.