Katie Holmes is essentially quite attractive. Everyone fancied her when she was in Dawson's Creek, unless they were a girl who likes boys or a boy who likes boys. But since she turned to Scientology, a religion that makes people just seem quite weird and a bit spooky, she seems a bit Stepford Wifey. People don't talk about her in the same way. However, in the new issue of Marie Claire – which you'll no doubt be rushing out to buy – she looks very good indeed.

Katie Holmes in Marie Claire

Katie makes some startling revelations in the accompanying interview. For example, she likes Scrabble. OMG! Scrabble is really a pretty great game. A lot of people think it's about getting the biggest word, which really is a considerable schoolboy error. It's about maximum points, not chucking down something in Latin.

Katie Holmes looking sexy in Marie Claire

You can, for example, earn massive points with a well placed X. Line that up next to an A and an E so that you get 'AX' and 'EX'? That's loads of points right there. Get that on a triple letter square, or even better a triple word square, and that's just about the best feeling you're going to have all day. Unless there's going to be massive amounts of sex at some point during your day. In which case, good for you.

Katie Holmes in Marie Claire 2

If you want to read more of the interview (you mental), you can do so here.