What is it with this Oktoberfest lark? We’ve never been, largely because we thought it was the reserve of lots of lederhosen-wearing ‘tache-sporting beery men clinking Krugs and jigging along to a Bavarian March.

Turns out it also attracts a raft of attractive females. Like Kim Kardashian for one. And Hayden Panattiere for… two.

Now quirky kooky cutie Katy Perry has had herself a piece of the action.

Rihanna barely got a look in

While hubby-to-be Russell Brand was answering Jeremy Paxman's hard-hitting questions on Newsnight, the pop funskter K-Pezzler was appearing on German TV show Wetten, Dass...? (Wanna bet?) to celebrate Oktoberfest. 

She had a little sing and dance performing Teenage Dream, before slipping into a traditional Bavarian Dimdl and downing some beer. 

Should have used the smaller Rohypnol...

Before appearing on the show, Katy tweeted:

"I'm starving, what should I have for lunch... Beer? Time to bust out my wench dress. God knows I've got the rack for it."

You don't need to be an omnipresent figure of faith to know that Katy Perry has "got the rack for it". You can just look for yourself:

Mmm, tasty cookie

We've been thinking (had a lot of quiet-time watching rain fall on grass in Wales on Sky Sports over the weekend) that it's about time Katy Perry and Russell Brand got a 'couple name' in the 'Brangelina' vein. 

'Prand' sounds rubbish so it'll have to be 'Brerry'. Although that sounds a bit like Scooby-Doo trying to say the word 'very' when asked how much he'd like to eat that giant cookie hanging round Katy Perry's neck, the dirty lil canine filthbag. Still, we'll get used to it.

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