We had our own Jingle Bell Ball over the weekend, and while it afforded a good deal of talent packaged conveniently under one roof, it didn't have the one ingredient needed to make the festivities seem worthwhile. Now, accompany us, as we canoe across the pond, then take twenty furiously slow Amtrak trains to Los Angeles (via Mexico City), until we finally arrive at KIIS FM's Jingle Bell Ball.

Say what you like about Katy Perry (and we've said a helluva lot, all good things), but she's got a sense of humour. This was most obviously demonstrated by her marriage to Russell Brand. He must have her in stitches daily. Since he's left Britain, there's been this gaping void in our lives still yearning to be replaced. And Michael McIntyre, with all that eternal optimism, is only making us feel more suicidal (it's only an act - we imagine he sits at home crying all day).

This was Katy before she was consumed by Frosty the Snowman

But the real reason why Katy must have a sense of humour is because she can move seamlessly from the oufit above, to the one below, and carry both off with equal gravitas and aplomb. Unlike Lady Gaga, who is completely humourless, only wearing 'hilarious' creations in the mistaken belief that she's totally unique and has to keep up this image, Katy Perry delights in her self-parody.

The snowman in the background thought he had a monopoly on snow

Here is a woman unafraid to look stupid, and buggers the consequences. Many are those who try to project this carefree image, but so few succeed, because the ego does all it can to resist being humiliated. This is natural, an evolutionary defence mechanism to ward off potential threat or alienation. But fight the ego until it's free of confines, and then, our children, you will be truly free.