Katy Perry took off her shoes. Katy Perry ate a cheese sandwich. Katy Perry excused herself to the bathroom. Katy Perry took the Russell out for a walk. Katy Perry went back home. Katy Perry watched a rerun of Blackadder. Katy Perry had a nap. Katy Perry phoned her uncle to wish him 'Happy Birthday'. Katy Perry tweeted something of insightful profundity. Katy Perry looked in the mirror. Katy Perry continued to look in the mirror. Katy Perry did some vocal warm-ups. Katy Perry did two-hundred sit-ups. Katy Perry perspired. Katy Perry took a shower. Katy Perry took an infuriatingly long time to get ready. Katy Perry went to the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards, dressed in latex.

Katy Perry at Radio 1 Teen Awards

You get the gist. Considering the amount of coverage she gets, any of the above would have been worthy of a headline story. But as we only had photographic evidence of the last statement (we tried to obtain the shower pictures but fell off the roof in the process), we bring you news of that instead. Wearing her material of preference, once again, after the little cupcake incident last week, this time it's a gumball machine. Well? Do you prefer cupcakes or gumballs? There's no innuendo there, just in case you were wondering (as you no doubt were). It's a completely straightforward question as to your preferences of confection.

Katy Perry Radio 1 Teen Awards

Hmm. We didn't know Katy was a member of the Black Panthers, but anyone who knowingly replicates this hand gesture must be prepared for the implications. Even if they are wearing a sweet dispenser and a cutesy expression. We wonder what Malcolm X would've thought of this particular celebrity convert. Of course she could just be doing a fist-pumping action instead of pledging allegiance to the nationalist cause, but we doubt it. The camera NEVER lies. Just look at these Kate Moss photos for incontrovertible proof.