Katy Perry was one of the winners at last night's MTV Europe Music Awards, picked up Best Video for California Gurls (her spelling, not ours). Because Katy Perry is never knowingly unwacky, she arrived dressed as a ticket stub, which apparently admitted one. How new husband Russell Brand was admitted then is not clear.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand on the MTV Europe Music Awards red carpet

That dress may be a bit daft, but holy hell she still looks great. Her legs are essentially incredible. In contrast, Russell Brand looked like a waxwork.

Katy Perry on the MTV Europe Music Awards red carpet

Katy also performed at the awards. For her performance she changed into another outfit. This outfit was not so good.

Katy Perry is Captain Camel Toe

No, Katy. Stop wearing bodystockings. You should look brilliant in bodystockings, because you go significantly in and out in all the right places. Yet somehow you've wound up looking like an east German circus performer. It's quite a feat for you not to look good. So, in a strange way, congratulations.

On the plus side, Eva Longoria dressed like ham, so that took some of the heat off you.

Eva Longoria dressed as a ham