Bless their hearts, we are fond of the chaps and chapettes at Rolling Stone. Not only do they write about music – and we love music, whether we’re irritating other bus users with over-loud headphones or doing a little dance to cheer ourselves up – but they also get gorgeous women like Katy Perry to wear sexy clothes and then take pictures and video of it all happening.

Katy Perry for Rolling Stone
Like this image, here

Which is nice. It would be a little counter-intuitive to not take pictures of it, we guess, because she probably charges for that sort of thing and if they didn’t it would come across as a dangerously expensive hobby for the editor of the magazine. And, weirdly, a bit pervy.

“I’ve got on the fancy clothes you sent me,” says Katy on the rooftop – the very rooftop that we reported on a couple of weeks ago like the eager newshounds that we are – “are you ready to take pictures?”

Katy Perry for Rolling Stone
This raincoat is clearly not sufficient

The editor of Rolling Stone waves away the various make-up and hair artists and wardrobe professionals, and shakes his head with a slow smile. “No, Katy, we’re not taking pictures this time. This is just for my personal amusement. Instead of sharing you in not very many clothes with the rest of the world, we’re just going to do this for fun. Now pout for me.”

See? Weird. Luckily (on a lot of levels) that never happened, and instead they went through the standard rigmarole that they did with Rihanna and very kindly used the photographs to sell magazines and increase traffic to their website.

Katy Perry for Rolling Stone
Fun fact: Katy Perry hates flowers

And so the world goes on. Sunrise, sunset. Hope you enjoyed the video. If you'd like to read an interview with K-Pez, pop over to the Rolling Stone website.