The voluptuous Miss Katy Perry has been selected as the official ambassador of GHD hair styling guff across the world, so presumably she can tell everyone how great they are and lend legal aid to GHD products that have become stranded outside their country of origin.

Katy Perry in an eighties style
In the eighties, everyone was slightly purple

To commemorate this, GHD are offering the chance to win free concert tickets when you buy some of their stylers, which is nice, although presumably they’re fairly expensive so it’s not like popping down to the shops to pick up a Mars Bar.

Katy also had some pictures taken in a variety of old-timey styles to show how the hot lumps of metal attached to this product can change your hair to make it look different. Can you tell we don’t really care much about hair straighteners? Is it showing through in the copy? Nah. Nah, we’re cool. Moving on.

Katy Perry in an sixties style
In the sixties, they covered everything in plastic

The hot bits of metal, then, were sort of rubbed around on Katy’s head to represent fifties, sixties, and eighties styles. As you can see, her hair didn’t catch fire at any point so they must be really great at doing whatever it is they’re specifically designed to do.

Also there were sets done up to make it look as though Katy has gone back in time. We presume. We don’t reckon that GHD make hair straighteners that can actually send you back through time. It would have been in the news, surely?

Katy Perry in a fifties style
And in the fifties, everyone had their right hand chopped off

They’re just like irons, but for hair, right? Yeah? That must be right.