It seems all of Katy Perry's outfits are made of PVC, the woman is obsessed. At first we thought it was sexy, then we thought Katy Perry was just being eccentric. But now, well now we think she might have a full blown addiction. A 'PVC-oholic' but that sounds silly, so we'll just say she's being PVCeedy. That's right welcome to Pun-Town, population: pun, oops we mean one.

So, Katy Perry was at the Italian version of the X-Factor for the latest shameless plug-a-thon. She danced around a bit, probably sang some songs from her new album Teenage Dream, then sat on a massive banana. We can just see the tabloid headlines now: "PVC Perry rides massive 'banana' on live TV."

Here at, we don't go for such a sordid headlines, (if you ignore Katy Perry has got cake on her tits) oh lord no, we just went for the most SEO headline we could think of in the fifty word space. What's SEO? Google it. (That's a little SEO pun for you there.) 

Anyway, we like to imagine Katy Perry won't wear anything unless it comes in a PVC version, hats, scarfs and cardigans all rendered in shiny PVC form. It must be a nightmare when she's sitting down, with all those awkward squeaky noises people mistake for farts. 

So, let us take you through these sexy pictures of Katy Perry in PVC. Again: 

Good lord, the puns someone could make about this banana which Katy Perry is sitting on eh? My word, there must be hundreds. Far too many to name here of course, far, far too many. Oh, you really want one? Erm... "Yellow, Katy Perry, how are you?" Okay, we're not great with the puns.

Put your arms in the air if you're Katy Perry... Yay! Katy Perry wins. Well done Katy Perry.

Here is the presenter presenting Katy Perry's new album, undoubtedly he's annoying. So here's what you actually wanted to see from this picture.

Yeaaaaah, that's better.

Here's a video about Katy Perry looking hot whilst promoting her new album, whilst wearing, you guessed it PVC! Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a handshake and a high-five. Well done you, we're all very proud. Expect a congratulatory phone call from David Cameron in ten minutes.

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