Katy Perry has been called a lot of things, a popstar, a hottie and a gift from God are just a few. But now she's also been called a 'cocktease' in a new video from Break.com too.

FHM of course thinks Katy Perry is awesome, as our massive stock of articles on her will show. But the video is quite funny, so we simply had to show you.

Here's a lovely selection of photos of Katy Perry performing, which, may or may not prove the 'cocktease' point even further. Let's see.

Tease 1 - 0 Not a tease

Tease 1 - 1 Not a tease

Tease 2 - 1 Not a tease

Tease 2 - 2 Not a tease

The decider: Hmmm, too hard to call. You tell us?

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And finally here's a gallery of the woman herself.