Gosh, that headline’s got you wondering, hasn’t it? You’re asking yourself – “What record could Katy Perry have broken?” because, like all FHM.com readers, you’re a) hungry for knowledge and b) love to be teased.

Did Katy break the record for Most Hotdogs Eaten in Ten Minutes? We’re afraid not. Neither did she break the record for Poorest Choice of Long-term Monogamous Partner in her marriage to Russell Brand, nor the record for Most Times Hair Colour Changed.

Katy perry sports another unusual dress
Shoes congratulated themselves on near-perfect camouflage

The gag here is that Katy Perry didn’t break any records in the traditional sense of the phrase – more that she, or contacts close to her, literally broke old-fashioned vinyls in half and then stuck them to her dress for the MTV Video Music awards. Ah ha. We’re funny like that.

Why did she do it? We just don’t know. Maybe it’s part of this new-fangled “fashion” thing we’re always hearing so much about. Maybe they ran out of dress material and had to improvise with whatever was around – you know what these wacky seamstresses are like.

In addition to the snapped records on her chest, Katy sported a complete one on her head like a musical hat of dubious effectiveness and one over her belly button with (helpfully) “KATY PERRY” written on it in silver glitter. You know, so she’d know which one is hers if she got it mixed up with the other dresses made out of old records.

Katy perry sports another unusual dress
Minutes later, Katy was asked to return her umbrella to the giant Pina Colada where she originally found it

Thankfully, in true Katy Perry style, she also brought along a proper dress which she looked really hot in instead of really hot and a bit daft. So that’s alright then.