Katy Perry showed some nipple a couple of says ago and we didn’t even notice. Instead, right, we wrote a story about her fighting a spaceman at the MTV awards. Obviously, that’s not a non-story. It’s quite a big story, but it’s not quite as seismic as Katy Perry standing there with her nipple in the shop window. We’re not sure what’s bigger: Katy Perry flashing a nipple or us not noticing that Katy Perry flashed a nipple. Crazy. Here she is fighting a spaceman:

Katy Perry fighting a spaceman

So, here’s the full length outfit that 24-year-old Katy Perry wore when we got to see her nipple. What do you think? It reminds us of that rubbish Spiderman 3 film where the evil black spider tries to take over and starts crawling all over his skin with its evil sticky web. You see? Katy’s bottom half is all fresh and white and smelling of Lenor, but her top half is in trouble. She’s been corrupted. She’s gone slutty. She’s probably about to flash a nipple.

 Katy Perry in clothes

Quick, get the ruddy magnifiying glass or boot up Photoshop and zoom in on the left tit. Do whatever you need to do, but do it now. And get me a cheese sandwich. And a Mars drink.

Katy Perry in a see through dress

Oh, man. This is too much. There’s definite areola, but we’re some way short of certification. It reminds us of the time we used to keep the books at the newsagents. We could tell there was a definite lie or an error even though the total appeared to balance. In this case, Katy Perry’s nipple is staring us in the face, but we’re not staring Katy Perry’s nipple in the face.

Katy Perry's nipple

Woah. Brain melt. How can we be 100% sure that's her nipple? Because we're drooling.

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