Sometimes we choose to write stories based on really great pictures. Sometimes we write stories based on funny videos. Occasionally - very occasionally - we write stories because they have some serious news content. But sometimes, on very special days, we write stories because they give us the opportunity to use the words 'Katy Perry' and 'Wiener Arena' in the same sentence. Today is that happy day.

Katy Perry at Wiener Arena

Last night, Katy Perry performed at the Wiener Arena in Vienna, Austria. We're not sure what to write for the rest of this story because nothing we could possibly conjure in our malformed, poisonous little mushy minds could beat the perfect elegance of the couplet Wiener Arena. So let's just go to the pictures. Katy started out the evening wearing something black and silver and – obviously – enormously cleavagy.

katy perry cleavage

Then for her big show she changed into some kind of PVC candy-cane designed mini-dress with – obviously – lots of cleavage.

katy perry in a PVC dress

And then the drummer spent a while staring at her shiny bottom. Perks of the job.