Behold … the ultimate nerd revenge. Check out Katy Perry hanging out with Mark Zuckerberg on her tour round the Facebook headquarters. She was there promoting her tour The California Dreams for which she’ll be collaborating with Facebook who will be putting her face on big screens, which is always nice.

The very two things we are addicted to looking at all the time have joined forces.  It’s actually a bit intimidating. With barely any effort they could probably take over the world.  Maybe this is just the beginning, and this wasn’t a promotional stunt at all.  They were secretly plotting how to warp our minds and make us only care about mindless information and unobtainable women.

taking over the world

OK so it might be a bit late for that, but we’re still suspicious.  What on earth would a megababe like Katy Perry want to be doing hanging out with a shiny-headed nerd like that?  Oh yeah, he’s worth $6.9 Billion and is the creator of the most impressive social media phenomenon of our time.  Ugh.

we thought it was that tiny Katy

World of Warcraft and Crocs should use this picture as their marketing poster and not even bother with the product. Computer nerds the world over should just start sticking this to their Berghaus backpacks and giving haters the finger. 

Because sometimes children people who work hard and keep their microphone heads down rather doing fart sounds in their armpits succeed. With a bit of hard work and approximately a billion dollars women like this will stand near you.  Doesn’t mean armpit farts aren’t hilarious.