Like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry has launched a perfume of her very own. It happened quite a while ago, as you’ll recall. However, unlike Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, she promoted it in Canada while wearing cat ears. Because that’s just the sort of gal she is.

Also, because it’s called 'Purr', and we guess there’s an obvious crossover there. She wasn’t wearing a tail (well, as far as we can see) and she didn’t maul a bird half to death and then leave it at the foot of our bed* as a present, although maybe that’s for the best.

Nor did she slink gracefully on to the stage, lick herself, and then hack up an enormous wadded mass of spit, hair and stomach acid on the stage for everyone to see. We’re dead glad about that last one. We reckon we probably could have put up with, or at least eaten, the bird.

Katy Perry promoting her perfume Purr in Toronto, Canada
Especially if it was something tasty like a duck

No – she just wore the ears. She’s got ginger hair at the moment, which has something to do with having black hair and redying it different shades over a period of time to not damage it, and we’re sure it’s really important for her general follicular health and tremendously interesting to boot.

We think she looks quite good as a redhead, although to be honest any ginger ladies are going to have a hard time beating flame-haired vixen and owner of the World’s Most Epic Breasts Christina Hendricks.

Still, best of luck and everything, Katy.

*By this, of course, we mean the foot of one of our beds. We don’t all share the same bed in the office like Morecambe and Wise, no matter how cute we look in matching pyjamas and nightcaps