Eagle-eyed readers may remember that last week we posted an Adidas commercial on this very site. You see, Adidas were determined to sell more trainers and the like by wrapping them around good-looking people doing sporty, strenuous, or exciting things. One of these aforementioned good-looking people was none other than the lovely Katy Perry.

Katy Perry French Fries
Katy's french fry disguise fell flat at the first hurdle

In the video, as you can see (and as we mention at great length) Katy’s got her war face on – she’s ready to dance up a storm. Or kill someone, maybe. There’s kind of a Jean-Claude Van Damme Kickboxer vibe to the whole thing, and even if it’s not her putting on those hand-wraps, she’s probably going to end the life of some unfortunate backing dancer in the next few minutes.

She’s also barely in it – darting about like a fox in a garden at night, scrabbling through the recycling, trying to eat the crusty cheese off an old pizza box. If we hadn’t told you she was in the video, you might not even have noticed. This is a bad thing. Katy Perry should be noticed at every opportunity.

Katy Perry Removing Bra
Her flowerbed disguise also fared poorly

So it’s good news, then, that some pictures were taken of her looking great while she shooting said video, and that we (generous souls that we are) can bring them to you today. Because we’re nice like that.

Also, because we love looking at Katy Perry about as much (maybe more, actually) than you do, and it’s hard to concentrate when she’s running about the place on film and being interspersed with footage of runners, basketball players and other superfluous non-Perry nonsense. Enjoy!