Yeah so last night Katy Perry was in the live action segment of The Simpsons Christmas episode called The Fight Before Christmas playing Moe’s girlfriend. She looked kind of silly and kind of attractive all at the same time. That’s what wearing a shiny skintight PVC dress covered with the faces of Bart, Marge, Lisa, Homer and Maggie Simpson will do for ya. See:

The Simpsons is the second puppet-based TV show Perry’s been in this year, BUT OF COURSE her appearance in Sesame Street was eventually cut from the final edit because it was too raunchy. Eat the raunch:

Katy Perry is, thankfully, very much still a pop singer, and has had a World Cup Winning Year in the sport of promoting one’s self. Once Lady Gaga went quiet (in the summer? Yes? The summer), Perry really took over as 2010’s dominant female force in pop music. Katy Perry and Rihanna. Katy Perry and Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Here is a song by Katy Perry:

It’s a ridiculous song. Snoop Dogg looks like he’s enjoying himself though, which is nice. Julian Assange should take heart from Snoop Dogg. They’re not so different. Once upon a time Mr Dogg was wanted by the authorities too, and once upon a time they found him and took him to court and accused him of all sorts of bad stuff. Snoop Dogg sad face:


But look at him now. Living the dream. Well, a dream. If not the dream. Truth be told, it’s probably not the dream Mr Dogg was having as a young and talented rapper starting out in the studio with equally talented men like Dr Dre but HEY HO, it’s the kind of situation that makes you appreciate the ridiculous whirligig of events we all call life.