Katy Perry likes dressing up. This is probably the single most blindingly obvious statement we’ve ever made. But hey, there’s a first for everything. Christmas, therefore, is a particularly exciting time for Katy Perry, because it gives her free reign (no reindeer puns, please) to dress up without being labelled an attention seeker. You, Katy Perry, are a shameless attention seeker. Oh, we were wrong. Evidently, the spirit of Scrooge has emerged earlier than usual this year.

First, there was the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York, where Katy dressed up as little tinker toy soldier. She performed her usual medley of overplayed hits to a somewhat jaded Madison Square Garden crowd, who were more excited about the imminent arrival of Justin Bieber. We sense a professional rivalry brewing. Or we hope there’s one, anyhow. A Celebrity Deathmatch between K-Pez and Bieber would be fantastically bloody.

Katy spent the entire day looking for her parade baton. No prizes for guessing where she found it

Then, there was the Y100 Jingle Ball in Miami, where she donned a Santa outfit. The organisers better get a move on, because we’re only twelve days to Christmas and they’ve still got twenty-four letters of the alphabet to get through. Most of the gigs are sold out, but we reckon you’d still be able to get a couple of tickets to the A100 Jingle Ball in Cheyenne, Wyoming. But only if you start queuing really early.

The Santa Claus Union rallied in opposition against their newest recruit

We can hardly contain our anticipation of the next outfit Katy will display herself in during the everlasting run-up to the most wonderful time of year. Will it be a turkey one? Or how about an elfin number? Or, will she, in homage to Lady Gaga, baste herself in butter, have some pork stuffed into her, and get roasted in the oven for four hours? Yummy.