Katy Perry’s no stranger to PVC. She seems to be acutely aware of the fact she looks bloody amazing in it.

We’ve never worn PVC, but we imagine we wouldn’t look quite as good as Katy Perry in it. Probably a cross between Adrian Chiles and that gimp scene from Pulp Fiction. Ultimately, less sexy than this:

KP was performing for excited Berliners (that’s people from Berlin). 

Katy recently said she won’t wear a PVC wedding dress when tying the knot with Russell Brand because she sweats too much when wearing it. [Should be disgusting. Actually strangely sexy.]

Here she is brandishing a knuckle-duster made of Gummi Bears. Katy Perry: good at being cute, sexy and singing pop songs; not good at street-fighting. 

We told you Katy Perry likes PVC dresses. This one had palm trees on it. Ice creams and palm trees; Katy Perry's like a one-woman package holiday wrapped in PVC.

We know what you're thinking: "mmm, palm trees"

In the summer, Katy appeared on James Corden's World Cup Live (don't blame her, she was only on it for one night). She wore a dress that represented her dual country-love for England and America. It was made of... wait for it...

PVC. Of course. 

That dress almost didn't make it in time because someone on the flight transporting it died. PVC was not held responsible, you'll be pleased to hear. It's more likely they were watching a rerun of World Cup Live - oooh, burn.

1/ Katy Perry gatecrashed a school prom
2/ Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole, together at last
3/ Katy Perry has got cake on her tits

1/ You can bed Pamela Anderson (thanks to Nokia)
2/ Milia Jovovich and Resident Evil: Afterlife
3/ Goodbye, Cheryl Cole. Hellllo, Cheryl Tweedy

And here's more pictures of Katy Perry looking good, with or without PVC: