Katy Perry wore two dresses yesterday. That means that she was naked at least four times, assuming that she almost certainly wakes up and goes to bed naked. Well, if she goes to bed naked, she must wake up naked. Unless it gets cold in the night? No, anywhere Katy Perry sleeps will have a perfectly functioning air conditioning system. Bloody hell, if we carry on like this we’re in serious danger of our immune system rejecting our brain.

So, the facts. Or is this the puff? HELP. Katy Perry, who is 25 years old, appeared on David Letterman’s TV show in New York yesterday. She wore a figure-hugging halter neck early in the day, but later stepped out in a strappy thing with frills and a bow on the front. Her legs looked good.

Katy Perry in a red dress

Katy Perry sexy

Katy Perry has a nice backside

Katy Perry on David Letterman

Katy Perry on David Letterman

Katy Perry looking surprised

When girls pretend to kiss each other in nightclubs, it makes us want to pour polonium-210 in our own drinks. But faux-lesbian Perry’s declarations that she kissed a girl and she liked it actually had us wondering how wonderful it’d be to see the Californian ex-gospel singer-turned future ‘Mrs Russell Brand’ doing just that. Not least because both her parents are priests, so she must’ve spent the past 25 years wondering if such thoughts would see her banned to hell. The wedding preparations are underway and going really well.

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Katy Perry wore THREE dresses yesterday


Katy Perry in a flowery dress