Now, we know you must have been really sad at the news that Gail Porter had decided to pull out of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! at the last minute, but wipe away your tears and take a deep breath because everything’s going to be alright. There is a replacement that makes all well again, and that saviour comes in the form of this:

And this, is Kayla Collins. And Kayla Collins is a Playboy model. We’ll give you a moment to enjoy that and calm yourself again. Now we’ll start constructing images of her washing herself in the little lake they have on I’m a Celebrity…just her and her bikini on your telly screen…a bit like this:

Admittedly there are a lot of pretty disgusting things that Kayla will have to do as part of the show, like eating live anacondas and sticking her head in a box containing nothing other than the scent of Peter Kay having just run a marathon. All on top of having to talk to Ant and Dec. But she’s going to look so damn good doing it. Although probably not this good:

Still, we’ve decided that she’s such a good addition that if anyone decides to try and vote the 23-year-old Kayla off of the show, we will go all Spooks on you and bug your house before using the information we gather to force you in to buying us a medium-rare steak accompanied by at least two bevvys. You have been warned.

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