Don’t say we don’t spoil you, because you’d be lying, and your nose would grow to gruesome lengths and people would laugh at you. Here at FHM we have an exclusive look at Keeley Hazell’s new film, Venus & The Sun.

We’re big fans of Keeley and this film could potentially be one of the best things you see all year. Keeley plays a warped alternative version of herself, a former love goddess with a thirst for Latin. She hangs out in the library to avoid the tabloids, who annoy her a lot.

While chillaxing in the library one day, she meets Adam, a librarian (makes sense she’d find a librarian in a library), and learns not to judge a book by its cover. There’s a lot of crazy effects and quirky visuals, too, mainly because the books give Keeley special powers.

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If that sounds like your cup of tea, then there is a trailer below. You’ll be excited to learn the film stars Will Smith, but perhaps disappointed to learn it isn’t the Will Smith.

Writer Reuben Grove described the film as “Teasing out the interesting parallels, weaving the myth with out fictional Keeley’s situation in the most interesting and comical way.

“I thought the two sides of Venus’ character you see in Ovid’s book – she’s both powerful as a goddess and powerless when she falls in love with a mortal - would fit nicely with a modern-day pin-up.”

We couldn’t agree more. Also, fun fact: Ukweli Roach, who plays the librarian, was in Streetdance 3D. I know, that's pretty mental.

The film is out on March 14th, but you can watch the trailer here and also pre-order the film.

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