Keira Knightley is in a new film called Never Let Me Go, along with Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield, and was on the red carpet last night as the film opened the London Film Festival. In London. She dressed in a frock almost entirely made of pearls with bits cut out of it. Fashion, innit.

In the film Keira, Carey and Andrew play people who discover that their lives are not really their own and the only reason they exist is serve a gloomy purpose, which we won't spoil for you even though it's revealed quite early on. It's kind of like Michael Bay's The Island, but with a really dreary colour palette and literally nothing exploding. We've seen it but our official opinion is embargoed. The Man, innit.

Carey Mulligan was also on the red carpet. She did not wear a small dress made of pearls. She wore a long dress that looked a bit like it had an angry mouth. Anthropomorphised clothing, innit.

Other films coming up at the London Film Festival include 127 Hours, by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire). That is not one to see if you have any kind of claustrophobia or think you might be violently ill at the sight of a man who, after being trapped in a ravine by a fallen rock for nearly six days, hacks off his own arm. Because that's what happens. It's pretty good, though. As is Black Swan, even though it's a horror-thriller about a ballet dancer who's obsessed with success and thinks she's turning into an evil bird. Metaphorical, innit.