FHM cover stars Kelly Brook and Abbey Clancy were out flying the flag of hotness this week during London Fashion Week. The pair to the runway as part of oddball designer Giles Deacon’s show. Despite having weird glittery make-up troweled onto their faces that resulted in the pair looking a bit like pervy Pokemon’s, they absolutely aced it. With both beauties squeezed into dresses that seemed ever so slightly too small for them, the pair strutted their not inconsiderable stuff like the pro’s they are.

Putting her recent man troubles behind her, Clancy look happy and extremely healthy which probably meant that he bo Peter Crouch is using his long, long legs to kick himself for being such an idiot. While Kelly, fresh off the success in Piranha 3D looked damn near flawless. God, they’re both just wonderful aren’t they? Makes you want to sit and beg just for a chance to smell their hair, which we can only assume smells like rainbows. Fashion Week looks like hard work. Some people will be changing their outfits several times a day; we struggle to get one decent outfit together. IS it slacker cool? No it’s just laziness, and we are sadly the type of people who are quite happy to sit here in our own wet dog fug because we’ve left the clean t-shirts in a pile when they’re wet. Ho hum, such is life, here’s some galleries of the girls wearing less fancy clothes.